Accelerating student-led innovation in healthcare

As UCSD's Interdisciplinary Accelerator, we guide the formation of student-led MedTech startups and encourage innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology. No matter where you are in your journey, we have something for you! 

World Class Advisors

Murray Reicher, MD
Former CMO of IBM & Serial Entrepreneur
Alexander Norbash, MD, MS
Chair, Department of Radiology at UCSD Medicine

World Class Advisors

Alan Moazzam, MD
Hospitalist at UCSD Medicine
Kevin Jubbal, MD
CEO of MedSchoolInsiders & Physician Entrepeneur

World Class Advisors

Arshan Ommid
CEO of Dermose & MS Candidate at UCSD
Asish Koruprolu
Ph.D Candidate, Electrical Engineering at UCSD

World Class Advisors

Zina Patel
Harvard Business School 2+2 Candidate & UCSD alum
Ryan Sindewald
MS2 UC, San Diego School of Medicine

World Class Advisors

Noah C. Golestani, MS
MS2 UC, San Diego School of Medicine
Ravi Kumar Agarwal
MS3, UC San Diego School of Medicine


Dermose is a pre-seed company creating devices to analyze and optimize the efficacy of hair growth therapeutics through the use of big data and machine learning.

Epinoma leverages the detection of epigenetic signals for early-stage cancer detection and relapse monitoring. Epinoma graduated from the Y Combinator 2022 Cohort  with $3 million seed financing. ​

Stasis is building a smart shoe insole that analyzes the gait and balance of the user and provides personalized, real-time feedback and training through the use of AI.

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